About Us

Shahran Sazeh Company was established in 1376 with the aim of playing a role in the development and prosperity of the country and becoming a first-rate company in the field of construction. The era of prosperity and presence of this company in the development of the country began in 2015, while strengthening the managerial and technical ability and the appropriate development of its organization with activities in the management and implementation of large projects.

Shahran Sazeh company with an experienced management, with a history of influential presence as one of the main pillars in the definition, management and implementation of large construction projects, experienced technical and specialized staff equipped with modern knowledge, the ability of competent machines and equipment, the ability Appropriate finance, quantitative and qualitative control tools, executive, technical and managerial competence approved by competent authorities and continuous presence in the market of civil and industrial projects at national, regional and international levels in cooperation with reputable domestic and foreign companies are ready. In order to successfully implement projects with optimal cost, time and quality and in accordance with the criteria of success from the perspective of respected employers, in line with Iran’s economic, industrial, technological and social development programs.